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PEXa EVOH Pipe Market is so good

Author: Hits:559 Date:2022-09-15

Great PEXa/EVOH Pipe Market

Those two years the PEXa and PEXa EVOH oxygen barrier pipe market is growing. The new machine inquiry and orders are growing as the result.

In Aug, more than 10 sets PEXa pipe line are tested and delivered.  Below are some reference pictures of pexa pipe line and EVOH pipe line.

pexa pipe production machine.jpg

In one of our customer workshop, total 4 sets of EVOH pipe production lines are running.And to meet their increased pipe order and shorten delivery time, the 5th line for PEXa EVOH Pipe will be ready soon.

evoh oxygen barrier pipe macking machine.jpg

If you are looking for this pipe production line, pls contact us right now to get more details.

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